Forum Change for August 20th

Special Event in Place of August 20th NOBS Forum: Herb Ascherman Private Collector’s Tour

Preeminent portrait photographer Herb Ascherman has graciously invited 15 NOBS Members to his home for a private viewing of one of the largest privately held photography book collections in the country. Herb’s library of over 2,000 editions, of which some 850 are signed by the photographer or publisher. His collection has been over 40 years in the making, with books from every country he has travelled to photogaph, resources on virtually every photographic topic and topics of specific interest to Ascherman. After a short tour, Herb will discourse on a dozen of the more odd, interesting and unusual volumes in this collection.

Please RSVP to Ellen Strong at or 216-231-0001. Directions to follow reservation. 

The tour is open to NOBS Members only.

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