New Online Book Catalog from Wonderland Books


Larry Rakow, owner of Wonderland Books, former NOBS president and current vice-president, has recently started and online catalog called 100 Wonderful Books from Wonderland.

100 Wonderful Books from Wonderland  is an online catalog appearing several times annually offering a select variety of top-of-the-line items. Not every book is pricey (though some are), not every book is by a well-known author or illustrator (though many are), and not every book is especially rare (though a few certainly are). What each and every featured book is, however, is collectible and appealing. With few exceptions, we offer only first editions (by which we mean first edition, first printings) in original dust jackets (if thus issued) and we’re certain you’ll find something to your liking.”

Please check out his great new site here.

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