The Glory of the Painted Page exhibit at CMA continues through March 27

One of my favorite memories of the pre-expansion Cleveland Museum of Art was the darkened corridor next to the Armor Court, where, with the press of a button, illuminated manuscripts from the museum’s collection were indeed illuminated. For a few short minutes, a museum-goer could marvel at exquisite miniatures and text before the lights were again extinguished to preserve the fragile media and vellum.

For museum-goers today, however, there is no need to race against the clock, as the museum is currently running the exhibit The Glory of the Painted Page in the galleries on the lower level of the 1916 building. Designed as a companion exhibit to the now-closed Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe, the manuscripts exhibit continues through March 27th.

For more information, and to see several digital examples from the exhibition, please visit the “Exhibits” section of the Cleveland Museum of Art website,

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