Newsletter Summary

NOBS Newsletter, Vol. XXVII, No. 4, Fall 2009

Anne Fadiman and the Value of ReReading, by Tod Oliver

“I made the turn toward rereading several years ago, when I discovered how difficult it is to find really good works of literature among the thousands of novels and short stories published each year and how much more fun it is to reread something I know to be good”

The Paperback Revolution (Part 2), by Terry Sanford

“There are about ten Pocket Books that are highly prized by collectors today. These are the few they published with dust jackets and a fine copy of The Thin Man with its dust jacket will set you back at least $150 today.”

Cleveland Cartographic Curiosities: Somers/Zangerle Tax Atlases, by Bill Barrow

“Back in the days when booksellers maintained physical emporiums, I wandered into a well-known west-side shop and in my moseying around, encountered a couple of paperback atlases of Cleveland tax maps from the 1930’s. Being interested in all things cartographic about Cleveland, I slapped my $110 down so freely that the book seller still worries, 15 years later, that he’d grossly underpriced them.”

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